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Acts 2:44-45 And all that believed were together, and had all things common: and sold their possessions and goods, and shared them to all, as everyman had need.


Due to a high concentration of people and a lack of other youth programs, Urban Churches have an outstanding opportunity to reach out to the children of their community. If they have something fun and meaningful to offer, often all they need to do is to open up the doors. Soon there is a room full of children who are willing to learn about Jesus. Special evangelistic outreaches such as VBS are a very effective way to get the GOOD NEWS out to the community. It is a great way to meet those in the community, establish meaningful relationships, and promote small group Bible studies such as Sunday School.

A special event can be quite expensive for an Urban Church. Renting the games, PA, food booths etc. really add up. It is RRM's desire to purchase these strategic materials and then make them available for all. I want to make a special appeal to the suburban churches that rent these type of materials several times a year. Instead of giving the that money to a rental shop, why not help us purchase it. You can then use it free of charge any time you want. By doing this you will also be empowering Urban Ministries to be the center of hope and Help to their community.


It's our desire not only to resource Urban ministries but also develop meaningful two way relationships. The Urban church has MUCH to offer the typical suburban church. They have great vitality, and a deep and strong faith. They know they need Jesus every day. Their eyes are open so they are able to see God working in their lives daily in a powerful way. It's refreshing to be around people who get as excited about God's goodness as we do about our favorite sports star.

I am challenging the urban church not to be a receiver only. An important mindset for each member to have is not only to be aware of the great need for resource help but also to be aware of the awesome assets of the church.

Another challenge to the urban church is to obey God's mandate and start a mission budget, no matter how small it may be. Did you know that you can now partner with RRM and for $15 to $25 a week you can support a full time native missionary in a third world country. How about $5 dollars a week? - your church could be responsible for a missionary sharing the GOOD NEWS for an entire day every week. Call me for details and read the articles at www.fishblog.org




DO YOU HAVE A SPECIAL SKILL? Electrician, mechanic, carpenter, secretary, plumber, or just the ability for a little manual labor? Contact us... We'll put you in contact with an urban church that could really use your time and talent for a few hours. How about weekly or monthly making a meal for the homeless? How about organizing a work day at a different church than your own - contact us - we have a lot of ideas and opportunities.