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With your help, we empower Bible believing Ministries to be the center of hope and help in their community. We believe the love of God needs to be proclaimed and demonstrated. This is a good way to involve your children in ministry and help them understand the plight of the poor - not in some distant country, but a few minutes from home. Many of us doing a little, adds up to accomplish much for the kingdom.

A key aspect of RRM's Ministry Projects is that...
We focus on meeting both physical and spiritual needs. People may be hungry, but we must not forget that their greatest need is for the "Bread of Life". It amazes me how many churches collect Christmas toys etc. for the poor and then give them to a secular organization to distribute! Let's not forget our core mission of sharing and demonstrating the love of God. Lost individuals can better understand God's love when they see Christians demonstrate love to them. Children can grow up and remember that in their time of need, it was Christians, from many races and many denominations, that stepped in under the BANNER OF GOD'S LOVE and made a difference.

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Christ the Greatest Gift A Heart for the Homeless Help us share the Easter message on Easter day! Your VBS can empower an Urban Church VBS. Back to school rallies Buy some extra candy and how about making a game? Boxes of Love
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Hundreds of families are blessed and reminded of the true meaning of Christmas. Please promote at your church, we can pick up the toys on Dec. 20.
Home made cookies and cards. Take time as a family and as a Sunday School class to encourage the homeless on Valentine Day. They may have no earthly friend who loves them deep enough to house them at night, but we know that in God's eyes they are just as precious to Him as we are.
Remember those unable to attend an Easter service. Christ is risen, praise God! A good way to say thanks is to share the good news. We are taking gift bags to nursing homes on Easter Sunday. We pray, sing, and share the good news. Many are deeply touched. Call for details.
Collect snacks and juice boxes to help others share the love of God to boys and girls. A designated offering would be a good idea and don't throw out the craft supplies or your Bible study materials. They can be reused for God's glory.
Buy extra school supplies and empower an urban church to reach out in love.
Children and parents who normally would not walk through the doors of a church gladly come in for a night of fun in a safe environment. A gospel witness is given and the word travels that this Christian Church cares about their community.
Help us share food, Bibles, and thanksgiving materials as a practical way of sharing God's love in word and deed.