About us: Scott and Lisa Reese

  • Scott has a B.S. Degree in Pastoral Theology and a Masters in Ministry.
  • He has been sharing his faith for over 30 years, mostly in inner city neighborhoods.
  • Lisa for the longest time could not figure out why people kept talking about Jesus instead of God. She sought to understand God through NEW AGE SPIRITUALITY but found emptiness. She would love to share her spiritual journey with you.
  • Neither of us claim to have all the answers nor do we claim that we have lived perfect lives. This we do know: God is good and gracious. Inspite of our weaknesses and shortcomings, He still loves us. He is real and He can change your life. The Bible is His manuel for our lives. Millions around the world can testify that God has a wonderful plan for our lives.
  • You can learn more about us and what we do at: www.ChristCares.org you may contact us at: Scott@ChristCares.org or Lisa@Christcares.org .


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