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,of Scott Reese, his family,& ministry


.THE AMAZING OUT POURING OF CHRISTIAN LOVE.i.e: the Body of Christ to the rescue is chronicled HERE: ....

Officer Steith Testimony:

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Scott Reese:

We will forever be grateful for the amazing way the BODY OF CHRIST responded in our time of need. For decades as an Urban Missionary I have been trying to help people through their times of crisis. In our time of need I thought I was alone, and hardly had strength even to ask for help. Through prayer, I asked the Lord for ADVOCATES, who would come along side and help in practical ways, and that would help share our needs with others.


THIS STORY WILL BE TOLD TO OUR GRANDCHILDREN AS IT HAS HAD AN AMAZING IMPACT ON OUR LIVES. IT ALSO HELPED ME UNDERSTAND GOD'S LOVE A LITTLE BETTER, BECAUSE IN MY 30 years of ministry to the poor and needy, this was a time period that I was probably accomplishing the least. Due to Post Traumatic Stress and a variety of health issues, I was toiling - trying to get things done, but moving very slowly and did not feel very productive. I had withdrawn & was leary to connect with the Body of Christ because of this.

Then in this context there was this amazing outpouring of LOVE AND CONCERN. I guess I had drawn accustumed to being "loved" for the help I was bringing or for my gifts and abilities, and here I was worn out and moving slow and this amazing move of God came to bring restoration and refreshment to our lives.

I plan on sometime to write out a detailed account but for now, I only have time to post a few pictures and newsletters. Please know that we deeply appreciate each of you that reached out to us in various ways. I also know that as I begin to list some of the blessings, that I will forget and skip over many acts of kindness - PLEASE remember that my memory is still quite poor (HA)

& Please do continue to remember us in prayer, we have made great progress, but still have a ways to go.

SOMETIME SOON, I PLAN ON UPDATING THIS PAGE IN A MORE DETAILED WAY. & again from the depths of my heart we say THANKS!


Body of Christ - Home repairs for a missionary

Some of the amazing miracles:

* This story has is beginnings 25 years ago, when a lady named Ethel Harris,

brought a little three year old girl to talk to "Pastor Scott". Her Father was just

murdered. I will never forget that little girl putting her hand on my arm and

saying, "Pastor Scott, How come my daddy won't come home".

My heart broke when I saw her sad eyes. Besides this calamity, they were almost

out of food & their electricity was cut off. This precious little girl was having

nightmares at night & I

determined I was going to get those lights turned on and some food in the house.

I went home grabbed candles and all the money I could find (the days before credit cards)

and then I went to a friend's house seeking money to get those lights turned on...


NOW, FAST FORWARD 25 YEARS, after about 100 murders and countless crisis situations

"Pastor Scott" became worn out and also was facing many health problems. My funding

had dropped and our family was facing a myriad of problems and pressures.


I preached at a funeral for an eighteen year old girl that I had know for many years. After

the funeral, I told the family that my van should not be in the funeral procession

because the brakes were so bad, it could cause an accident. Later I received a phone call

from a young lady, she was from the Harris household that I began this story with.

She had overheard what I said about the brakes. She said, when I was little I (Scott) came

came many times to the rescue, bringing food or spiritual help. She said I am all grown

up now, I have a job, and I haven't forgotton your kindness. I would like to pay to

to have your car fixed.

This was the start of an amaizing outpouring of LOVE FROM THE BODY OF CHRIST.


For decades I (Scott) have been the one coming to to rescue to help people in

need. Then in the time of crisis my heart was so touched that many in the

BODY OF CHRIST came to our aid in 2007 and helped turn our lives

around - I will always be grateful.


* Donation of eyeglasses so I could get my licence:VELD EYE CARE

* Prayer at our house by the Missions Committee of First Reformed Church

& sending my family on a all expenses paid vacation

* Rich Van Til, Debbie Liccar, & Marcia Tamminga planned and put together a fund raiser banquet at Crete Church

& 240 people came! Wow, I had felt isolated and was greatly encouraged - also enough funds were raised to keep the ministry going.

* First Reformed Church took a special offering and along with donations from Crete Church, Living Springs, & Grace

raised funds to completely repair & re-do the outside of our house:

New Roof (50 year shingles- no more "buckets" when it rains)

New Siding and Windows!!! M&M ROOFING DID A WONDERFUL JOB!

& a New Back Door (Door Store)

* LANSING AUTO - repaired two cars, including one we thought was beyond repair!

* The Van Drunen family paid to send me to their doctor and also paid for the prescribed medicine.

* FOUR SEASONS donated a new air conditioner and furnace! Thank you Cassity family for arranging this!

* Our Ministry Van's Brakes were fixed by Eddie Vos's son in law (need name of business) & they also surprised me by putting a new exhaust system in. Also Keith Geissler, GEISSLER BRAKES & AUTO REPAIR fixed our radiator & door handle

* Rick Harbeck, Fred Edmond, Jeff Bryson & others helped with clean up & fix up projects

* Many other people went the extra mile in making donations to RRM or other acts of kindness!

Psalm 120 "In my distress, I cried unto the Lord, and HE heard me"! - THANK YOU LORD & THANK YOU BODY OF CHRIST!


Thank You!!!

SPRING 2007 NEWSLETTER - LISA'S EXPLAINATION AND REQUEST FOR HELP. (I guess she is a better communicator than me in some ways)

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Vintage Videos - Ministry 20 years ago! - HERE


2009 Update

Scott's health is much improved and his ministry is getting a complete makeover - July 1 which will expand our missionary activities - BodyofChristCares.org .

The exterior & infrastructure of the house was fixed up as documented above.

We are trying to fix up the interior of the house.

If anyone or any organization would like to help, just let us know, we'd be deeply grateful. Funding has been tight and we have lost some support due to the economic crisis, so at this point we are praying about both materials and labor. I'll list some of the projects on our "wish list" on the bottom of this page. If you would like to take any of these projects on we'd be deeply grateful.

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Our prayer list:

Cieling fan fixed and two ceiling light fixtures repaired or replaced.

Living room / dining room recarpeted & walls painted

basement tiled

Molding cut with a miter saw, stained and placed

Several basement leaks fixed

basement water damaged molding, panneling replaced or fixed,

drywall repair

screen door fixture repaired or replaced.

(level 2 priority - to please my wonderful wife who has put up with so much through the years of my crazy life: new lighting fixture in bathroom, a wood floor refinished, nice window treatments to replace our paper shades, outside windows washed)

We are slowly working on this and have no expectations of any one else helping, - the current economic crisis has hit a multitude of people, but since our funding has been so tight, I thought I'd list it in case this is the way God chose to answer these prayer requests. We'd be deeply grateful for any help.